Extend battery life

The Concept

Battery Solution International Ltd. (BSI) considers itself as a global pioneer in the field of battery life extension and battery refurbishment for various types of lead acid batteries.

BSI has developed an end-to-end, innovative and unique solution utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery maintenance for especially large traction forklift fleets and telecom operators. The whole process is supported by a green, environmental approach.

During its years of operation, BSI has established a successful track record in its international battery life extension and battery repair facilities.


First Steps

Our team consists of specialists, each with years of knowledge and experience in their particular field. An accurate and balanced mix of logistics, vehicle fleet operation and transport, defense, engineering, chemistry, IT, automation, administration and marketing, have led us to develop a unique and revolutionary product – the BSI Battery Additive & Capsulate .Together we set out to find a solution that could extend battery life, which would be efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical. There are many different solutions on the market, but most suffer from various disadvantages. It was important for us to develop and find a solution which 

would change the global battery refurbishing industry forever.

 Initially, we pursued the conventional directions common in the market today – we used metal-rich battery additives designed to extend battery life. At the same time, however, we continued our development efforts to meet the eco-friendly requirements of today's market. Finally, our engineers found the solution. We discovered an ingenious formula for a unique and totally organic additive & capsulate  which is revolutionizing the battery refurbishing and battery life extension industry around the world. 


End-To-End Solution

There might be many different solutions offered in the market, but we believe that none of them is efficient and green as the BSI Additive.

Unlike other battery additives that are available in the market that use metal-rich non organic ingredients, the BSI additive & Capsulate uses 100% organic ingredients, which we believe to be revolutionizing the battery refurbishing and battery life extension industry.

BSI's solution extends the life of any lead acid based battery, including Fluid, partly Gel batteries (deep discharge) and Telecom blocks  batteries (AGM ).

Extending the battery life effectively provides customers with a renew battery with re-warranty at a much lower cost than purchasing a new battery. Our proprietary technology applies a controlled and automated process, which can be supervised remotely.

BSI offers its customers a comprehensive turn key solution & One Stop Shop.


The Benefits Working With BSI

Significant cost savings – Our battery refurbishment and battery life extension solution saves at least about  60%-70%  of the cost of purchasing new batteries. For large battery consumers such as huge fleets, defense forces, ports, cell opertators, communication systems, factories, logistics companies and other battery consumers this means significant savings in their annual budget.

Warranty – All refurbished batteries are covered by an aditional warranty as almost as new batteries.

BSI Additive & Capsulate  – Our Additive & Capsulate, a unique organic additive has a proven track record of over 5 years, and we believe it to be the most advanced additive in its class: it is based on an organic polymer without the use of any metals and is also lead-free.

Green technology – As part of our green eco-friendly approach, BSI also utilizes battery waste (scrap). Our battery refurbishment and battery life extension process includes battery acid recycling and enrichment, lead recycling and enrichment, recycling the battery wash water and sale of lead sediment as raw material.

Customer-focused service – We arrive at your facilities, transport the batteries to our site and provide you with replacement batteries as available, so that you can continue working without interruption. Our additive is fast-acting, so we can provide fast battery refurbishment services which won't interfere with your day to day operations.